FEATURE RELEASE: Daily Reservation Types

Over the next two weeks Nudge will be rolling out what is one of our most requested features to date: daily reservation types.

As some of you may know, the term used on Nudge for a category of dining or a session within a venue is reservation type. Typically, a venue would use reservation types like breakfast, lunch and dinner but we’ve seen as many different reservation types as we have clients…because we allow operators to define their own reservation types to suit their needs. While that flexibility is great to have, there was an area where Nudge was less nimble than we’d have liked. Reservation type session times could only be applied uniformly, using the same start and end time across the week. Clearly that wasn’t going to cut it.

So we got to work and now we’re releasing the next generation of reservation type, a much more adaptable thing. Daily reservation types can have completely different start and end times on different days of the week. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday needs to stretch a little longer than during the week? No problem; Nudge has you covered. You can go wild and make happy hour a completely different time every day of the week if you like. We’re not saying you should, but you could.

Our rollout of this improvement has already begun. If you’ve not spotted it already, it’s not going to be long until you do. What you’ll see, if you’re a staff member responsible for venue settings, is a bit of a change in the Venue section of Nudge. There is new tabbed layout for reservation types: a tab for general settings and then one for every day of the week so you can adjust your session times as you will.

Reservation types are free at last and we think that’s cause to celebrate.