NOTICE: A change is coming to Nudge’s auto-confirmations

We’re excited to announce that an upcoming release of Nudge will be updating the behaviour of auto-confirmations to make managing auto-confirmation capacity simpler.

At the moment, only enquiries that have already auto-confirmed count towards using up auto-confirmation capacity.

Auto-confirmations before 9 Aug

For example, if your venue has an auto-confirmation capacity of 100 covers for dinner bookings on a particular evening, and you receive an enquiry for 6 covers that auto-confirms, and an enquiry for 12 covers that does not (perhaps due to an auto-confirmation limit on group size), then even if the enquiry for 12 is confirmed by staff, the remaining auto-confirmation capacity for dinner that day will be 94.

We will be changing this behaviour, so that all confirmed bookings will reduce the available auto-confirmation capacity. If we apply this new rule to the scenario we used above, there would only be 82 covers worth of auto-confirmation capacity left, i.e. total capacity of 100 – (12 manually confirmed covers + 6 auto-confirmed covers).

Auto-confirmations after 9 Aug

We hope this will make it simpler for you to set up and manage your auto-confirmation capacity within safe and effective limits.

We’ve been in contact with senior members of all of our clients’ teams to arrange case-by-case guidance about how to adapt operations in light of this change. If there is anything that you will need to do or be aware of, they should be in touch with you soon.