The leading CRM engine for restaurants and bar groups

Nudge will help your business to generate a higher frequency of repeat visits and higher spend per visit.

Nudge integrates with your ResDiary account, automatically importing your customer and associated reservation data nightly, giving you the power of Nudge’s sophisticated reporting and email marketing modules.

Nudge is:

  • A client-branded solution
  • Fast to deploy
  • Secure
  • Highly dependable
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7 key CRM features of Nudge

  • Single Customer View

    Nudge aggregates data from multiple client sources to provide unparalleled insight into customer behaviour and preferences.

  • Email Marketing

    Create targeted, personalised newsletters and track email and sales metrics generated from campaigns.

  • Reports

    Gain insight into customer behaviour that informs managers, marketers, the finance team and CEOs.

  • Developer API and Third Party Integration

    Nudge has a fully documented API that 3rd party developers can use to hook into the Nudge platform.

  • Automated Loyalty Rewards

    Nudge’s fully-fledged loyalty system not only tracks customer behaviour but also uses each member’s behaviour to trigger rewards.

  • Custom Surveys

    Feel out your performance as perceived by the customer, while getting to know your customers’ values better so you can speak to them in ways that make them feel heard.

  • Multi-venue Management

    Nudge is suitable for both single-venue and multivenue for multi-brand operators. In Nudge you have a platform that scales to your needs while fostering your success.


Licence fee options
Licence fee options What’s included Cost per month

Integration with your ResDiary platform, an initial data import and nightly automatic imports of data.

  • Emails sent from your domain (includes 10,000 emails per
    month plus 3,000 for every additional venue)
  • Full access to Nudge reports
  • Email marketing, including a set of responsive templates
  • Customer database tools
  • £65 per venue per month plus one-off
  • £99 setup fee

As above but with unlimited ‘fair usage’ email sends per venue per month.

  • £99 per venue per month plus one off
  • £99 setup fee
Optional Items
Optional items Notes Cost
Custom campaign template

A custom email template to fit your brand identity. Has the flexibility to add and remove some template elements.

£1500 per template
3rd party data integration

We provide support with Nudge API implementation and bespoke integrations.

£90 per hour

We provide consultation and support for customisation such as bespoke reports or other extensions.

£90 per hour